Nightmares From the Workshop

Nightmares From the Workshop

Table LegsI feel like I should start this blog post out with; “It was a dark and stormy night”, but it wasn’t. It was actually a hot and humid night, which is unusual at 7200 feet above sea level, in the dry climate of Colorado.

I was working in the shop on my latest project, an entry table made from cherry. This table features tapered legs with walnut veneer cuffs on the bottom to add a little elegance to the design. I started with some rough sawn 8/4 cherry. As I started roughing it down to size, I found the wood was casehardened and pinched the blade as I ran it through the table saw; as a result, each leg had a bow in it.

When I laid them down on the workbench, they rocked back and forth on the table. I could hear the, click, click as the ends hit the workbench, rocking back and forth.   I took the rough stock to the jointer and took a few passes. Then back to the workbench to check it for flatness. “Click, Click, as the piece rocked back and forth. Back to the jointer for another pass, but this time when I took it back to the workbench, it seemed worse. The leg rocked even more and with a louder, CLICK, CLICK as it rocked back and forth.

Back to the jointer, I repeated this several times with no avail. I ran it across the jointer so many times that now the piece was useless as it was too thin to be used as a leg. I threw it in the scrap pile with disgust, and went to the stockpile to select another piece to try again.

Time and time again I could not get it flat, all I heard was CLICK, CLICK again and again, CLICK, CLICK…..CLICK, CLICK. At this point I was so pissed off I couldn’t think straight. I had never had this much trouble flattening a board before.

I looked over at my wife standing in front of the window…….wait, what? What am I doing in the bedroom? It was such a hot night we had fallen asleep with the window open, but the wind had picked up blowing the wood blinds against the windowsill….Click, Click……..Click, Click. It was all a dream, brought on by the sound of the wind and the blinds.

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