I`m a Woodworking TV Star. . . . NOT

I`m a Woodworking TV Star. . . . NOT

All right, I may not be a woodworking TV star like Roy Underhill, Norm Abram, or even an internet woodworking sensation like Marc Spagnuolo. However, I did have a great opportunity to show off my woodworking on the local ABC affiliate in Denver Colorado, this morning. An opportunity I almost said no to.

You see, us woodworkers, or at least myself, are solitary creatures. We hide in our shops for days on end, building our next prized piece of furniture, only to come out for food, beer, and when the wife gets pissed that we haven’t done anything else. Needless to say, we don’t get out much and are most happy in life hanging out in our shops making big pieces of wood smaller.

So when the unexpected call came in from the HomeHunters Denver TV show, asking if I wanted to appear on the show, I almost said, NO. At first, I thought it was just another telemarketer trying to get me to advertise with them. Therefore, I had to clarify; to be sure, they didn’t what me to spend my new tool money on advertising with them instead. Since the only TV, I watch are woodworking shows and the occasional SIFI, I had never heard of their show. I of course had to go look it up to be sure it was a legitimate thing, and to see what they are all about.

Once I had decided that this was a real show, and I could get some good publicity for my work from it, the fear of being on television took over. What if I just stood there and stumbled all over my words with ummmms, uhhhhs, and, excessive ands. Man was I terrified at first. Then I realized, that is what editing is for, and of course, they wanted a high quality show, so they would put in a good effort to edit all that out.

I got over my fears, called them back, and a few email exchanges later, I had a date schedule to record my spot. I was told I had 90 seconds to talk about my furniture. That didn’t seem like it was very long, but once I started thinking about what to say in 90 seconds, it became a terrifyingly long time. If I was going to fill the 90-second spot, they had better not edit out any umms, uhhs and awkward pauses, or I would only make it to the 60-second mark.

The day came to film my part; I packed up a few recently completed pieces and drove into Denver, where I met my fears of public speaking. We did three takes total, all three we talked about different things. All three I stumbled over my words and said umm and ahhhh a lot. All three went by so fast all I could remember was saying umm and ahhh a lot. I left their wondering how they would edit it all down or if I would get a call saying that they were going to scrap the whole thing.

When the show aired a few weeks later, I was relieved to see that they did a fantastic job editing. It may not have been the most polished performance, but it went much better than I had imagined it in my head.

Here is the show just in case you missed it this morning, or don’t live in the Denver area.
My spot starts at 2 minutes 7 seconds into the show.

Thanks for watching

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