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I Was Tricked

I Was Tricked

backyard chickensAfter our last cat left us, I swore I would never get another pet again. I hated cleaning the litter box, vet visits, constant cat hair everywhere, and the list goes on.

Then my wife started talking about getting backyard chicken. She knows my love for gardening, and how I love, how much better homegrown vegetables taste over store bought. She wasted no time in pointing that out, as well as not having to worry about pesticides and GMO being in your food. She went on about how the chickens would produce natural fertilizer for the garden and that they would be a natural pest control, and of course a never ending supply eggs.

With all that in mind, I agreed to go down to the urban farm store to see what all was involved in keeping backyard chicken. We took my youngest daughter Bailey with us, and that pretty much sealed the deal. As soon as we got their Bailey made a beeline to the little chicks and she instantly fell in love with them. She looked up at me with wide eyes, hoping I would say we could take them home. What father could say no to that? So we are now expanding our little urban farm to backyard chickens. After a little bit of research we decide to get three chicks to start with, a Road Island Red, an Americana, and a Plymouth Rock who are now living in a little homemade brooder box waiting to get big enough to go outside. Of course they all got named. My wife Chelsea named the Plymouth Rock, Sally. My oldest daughter, Brynn named the Road Island Red, Rosy, and Bailey named the Americana, Heart. Which seemed like a fitting name for a 5 year old to give a chicken.

So their they are living in a box, in my family room. Aww well I guess I can look forward to fresh eggs every morning and a happy family.
Now back to the workbench to plan the building of a chicken coop.

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