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How Important Is It To Have Art In Our Lives

How Important Is It To Have Art In Our Lives

How Important is Art In Your Live

Without a doubt, art is important. Unfortunately, understanding why art is important in our lives isn’t always crystal clear.  But those who appreciate art know the value of originality and have their own version of what purpose art serves society.

If you want to start an interesting conversation, just ask someone what he or she thinks the purpose art serves.  There are dozens of books written, blogs posted, and articles released about this subject. Even art educators address this subject in classrooms.  Since the first caveman etched in stone, man has used the power of art for purposes beyond creativity, self-expression, and communication. However, sometimes it is easier to understand the purpose of art by considering what it is not.

One aspect of art is that it does not discriminate. It allows even young children who have a limited vocabulary to express themselves without words and doesn’t care about one’s education, successes, religion, color, sexual preferences, or how much money you make. It is there for anyone to engage in, using one’s own abilities and for anyone to enjoy.  It can serve as therapy and for healing broken lives. Art affects us all in different ways, and only you know its value.

Through art, we can learn the meaning of the joy of work too. Creating art is work, like any other profession, and the idea of good work, personal fulfillment, and recognition serves our society favorably. Work is one of the noblest expressions of the human spirit, and art is the visible evidence of work carried to the highest possible level. Art is the best way to learn the value of work and appreciate the workmanship. It is impossible to experience art without experiencing home and family values, work, and play, the individual and community, nature and the environment, war and peace, beauty and ugliness, pain and love.

Visit fine art galleries like Hunter-Wolff Gallery, where you can experience and value art in your own special way and begin to understand why art is important in your life.


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Sharon is the owner of The Hunter Wolff Gallery, an upscale Art Gallery located in Old Colorado City.

She has an innate ability to identify accomplished artists as well as emerging artists to help fill her gallery with some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking art in Colorado.  With over 15 years as an art dealer, she has acquired quite a lot of knowledge about the art world.  I am pleased to have her as a guest author on the blog to share what she has learned.

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