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Grinding through Covid-19

Grinding through Covid-19

Sam the shop cat at Benham Design Concepts

Being an artist where I primarily build custom furniture, working alone in my one-man shop, is nothing new, I kind of revel in the fact that I don’t have to deal with the public regularly.  Most days, I listen to podcasts while I work, it seems like an excellent way to stay connected to what is going on in the outside world, especially in the different communities or industries that I am interested in.

Even with the stay at home order from our Governor to reduce the spread of Covid-19, not much has changed for me in my daily routine.  I get up and do my daily commute down the hall, stopping at the drive-through coffee pot located at the corner of the kitchen cabinet and kitchen sink, stiff myself on a tip, and head to work with my coffee.

But lately, with the stay at home order, there is a weird physiological thing going on in my head.  Even though I never go anywhere, I am feeling restless knowing that if I wanted to go someplace, there is not someplace to go.

To make it worse, many of the podcasts I listen to are talking about the same thing these days, how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no escaping it; take a scroll through Facebook, and that is what everyone is talking about these days—trying to keep an open mind. I listen. However, listening to someone who I once I respected, now giving their uneducated opinion about the virus, is disappointing, especially when they didn’t take the time to do any actual research to formulate an intelligent thought.   They are just spewing raw thoughtless words into the air, creating more noise pollution and ignorance.

So with all the miss information out there and people impersonating intelligent life, I decided it was time to take a break from all the noise and clear my brain.  Therefore, I decided to mix up my day a little and start listing to some jazz the rest of the day in the shop instead of all podcasts all the time.  I had forgotten how relaxing a little Miles Davis could be while putting my head down and just getting some work done.  It was probably one of the more productive days in the shop.

If you are wondering what’s up with the cat, before you kick on the Jazz, go listen to the latest episode of Wood Talk, a podcast free of BS politics and all about woodworking.
This is Sam, my shop cat, which is scared of all the noise, so she waits at the door for me to come in and then when I’m not looking has no problem trying to get a sip of my wine or slurp of my beer.

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