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Building an Old World Headboard by Re-purposing a Door

Building an Old World Headboard by Re-purposing a Door


Old World Headboard

I built this Old World Headboard by re-purposing a door.

I started out with a 6-panel door and a couple of 4×4 fir posts.

six Panel Door

Cut post to length and chamfered the tops.

chamfered Posts


To attach the door to the posts I needed to cut a large mortise on each post. I started out drilling 1-1/8” wide 2” deep holes, 72 of them.

Mortise the posts

To square the top of the holes and cut to the width of the door, I used my router equipped with a pattern cutting bit against my straight edge.

Route out mortise

Wood Slicer resaw bandsaw blade


Out of all my router bits, I did not have one that would cut deep enough so I hand chiseled out the bottoms and square-cut the corners.

Chisel out waste by hand


A standard door is too long to be used as a headboard so I had to cut the bottom off. Sadly it was a hollow core door and once I cut the bottom off it was no longer stable, so I glued in some support blocks.

Hollow Core Door


Support blocks glued in and I’m ready for assembly.

Filling a hollow core door


All assembled and ready for paint; the Final painting will be done by my customer.

custom woodworking of handcrafted furniture by Brian Benham Portland


Finished Bed

Handmade furniture by Brian Benham
If you would like a custom-made headboard built for you, just follow this link.

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