Fine ArtGuest Author: Sharon Wolff

Are you an Art Junkie?

Are you an Art Junkie?
John Sherman painting at Hunter Wolff Gallery
Painting by John Sherman )Photo curtesy Hunter Wolff Gallery)

Are you an Art Junkie?
Not long ago a few friends and I spent an evening at an event enjoying the NBA
(No Boys Allowed), a walking tour of local shops. Because I tend to be a
workaholic, I knew I needed to turn off the lights and leave my office for an
evening, to enjoy some much-needed human contact.
What I did not expect was that I would fall in love with some local art. I really do
not have room for more art, but I admit I am an Art Junkie. Isn’t that an odd
confession for an art gallery owner to admit? I’m surrounded by hundreds of
works of art every day. There is scarcely a spot for more art or paintings on my
walls or shelves at home.
At my art gallery, Hunter-Wolff Gallery, I represent 43 fine artists and there is always
something coming in the door taunting me, calling my name. I can only compare
it to working in a chocolate factory where workers become immune to the smell
of chocolate and never eat those treats because I can resist buying my gallery
art every time I fall in love with each arrival. And, the truth is, I fall in love all the
What does this have to do with my recent outing? It just goes to show that no
matter how disciplined you are about spending and collecting, sometimes it just
feels good to give in to our cravings. I’m glad I did. Now when I walk by these
paintings on my wall, I see not only three lovely small oils but have a special
memory of my friends and the nicest business owners in my neighborhood town.
It was a great evening and I’ll cherish that night just as much as I cherish my new
It’s okay to be an art junkie! If it makes you smile and helps you connect with
humanity, go for it! Don’t we all need a little more of that having been through a
nightmarish pandemic year?
When was the last time you purchased a must-have painting or commissioned a custom-built piece of furniture when you least expected it? How did it make you

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Sharon is the owner of The Hunter Wolff Gallery, an upscale Art Gallery located in Old Colorado City.

She has an innate ability to identify accomplished artists as well as emerging artists to help fill her gallery with some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking art in Colorado.  With over 15 years as an art dealer, she has acquired quite a lot of knowledge about the art world.  I am pleased to have her as a guest author on the blog to share what she has learned.

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