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A Collector’s Bragging Rights

A Collector’s Bragging Rights
Painting of flowers in the sun by Greg Custer
Following The Sun, a Painting by Greg Custer is represented by the Hunter Wolff Gallery

Finding and collecting meaningful art is personal but meeting the artist is like adding an exclamation point! Over the years, Hunter-Wolff Gallery has had the pleasure of introducing collectors to their favorite artists and it is always amazing to see them meet. The artist appears humbled to meet their fans and collectors feel honored to have the opportunity to say “thank you”. For a collector of contemporary works, the ultimate personal connection to original artwork is meeting the artist.

Collectors can’t go back in time to meet some of the old masters, and most collectors would never pass up the opportunity if it were possible. It is simply a privilege to shake hands with the creator of cherished art. Having the opportunity to tell your favorite artist(s) how much you enjoy their work because he/she enhances your life, is music to an artist’s ears. Personally, being invited into the artist’s world is a special bonus and rare occasion in the scheme of things. Owning artwork brings joy each and every day but the connection you feel when you meet that artist is the icing on the cake. Many collectors admit they regularly choose the work of an artist they “know or met” before selecting art of the same quality by an unknown—regardless of price. That is just because meeting the artist is that meaningful.

It is not unusual for a gallery-like Hunter-Wolff Gallery to look for ways to make collecting more memorable and take steps to make special introductions for this purpose at regularly scheduled events where they can bring artists and collectors together. By making appearances at openings and participating in exhibitions, the artist has the opportunity to speak directly to the art enthusiast. Don’t miss an occasion to meet some “new masters” when you can during Openings and ArtWalk events such as those held the first Friday of the month in Old Colorado City from April to December.

Watch for monthly public events and add your name to gallery customer lists for private showings so you too can enjoy meeting some very special people. You will likely look at the artist’s work in a different light after you meet and earn your bragging rights.

Hunter Wolff Gallery represents some of the most talented artists in Colorado, If you want to meet some of these artists, sign up for the Hunter Wolff Art Newsletter, to get updates on what artists are featured in the different events held at the gallery

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Sharon is the owner of The Hunter Wolff Gallery, an upscale Art Gallery located in Old Colorado City.

She has an innate ability to identify accomplished artists as well as emerging artists to help fill her gallery with some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking art in Colorado.  With over 15 years as an art dealer, she has acquired quite a lot of knowledge about the art world.  I am pleased to have her as a guest author on the blog to share what she has learned.

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